Identifying fiestaware with backstamps

Good information to know when you’re trying to identify real fiestaware.
(From Homer Laughlin China Website)

The method of placing our identification mark on a piece is determined by the way that the piece is made. Most of our hollow pieces (mugs, bowls, pitchers, vases, etc.) are formed in a mold and our mark is carved into the mold, leaving an impressed mark on the piece. Flat items such as plates are formed by a different method and an impressed mark cannot be placed on the bottom of the piece. In this case, we use an ink stamp which is applied to the unfired piece, beneath the glaze. Please note that on some of the darker glazes it is very hard to see the back stamp.
Many of the early pieces of fiesta weren’t marked. The ink stamp “GENUINE fiesta” came later, which explains why so many plates aren’t marked, although the lower case “fiesta HLC USA” or “fiesta MADE IN USA” was molded and indented into many of the first pieces. There were quickly modifications to some pieces of the line (the sugar bowl, teacups, utility trays, the creamer, the nesting bowls, the ashtrays- they all underwent slight modifications early on). These early pieces are highly coveted with serious collectors.

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A short story about the beginning of the Homer Laughlin China Company.

Some great information about Homer Laughlin and the beginning of Homer Laughlin China.
The days before the creation of the world renowned dinnerware we now know as “Fiestaware.”
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Homer Laughlin was born March 23,1843 in Little Beaver, Ohio. He was an American businessman and potter who, with his brother Shakespeare, formed the Laughlin Pottery Company in 1871 in East Liverpool, Ohio.

The city of East Liverpool offered $5000 to anyone who would begin to make pottery from “white pottery clay.”

Laughlin Pottery eventually became the Homer Laughlin China Company. Shakespeare Laughlin left the company in 1879. In 1889, William Edwin Wells joined Homer Laughlin, and seven years later the two incorporated the company. Laughlin sold his interest to Wells shortly thereafter. The company moved operations across the Ohio River to West Virginia on land purchased from the Newell family. The Homer Laughlin China Co. moved all operations to the Newell, West Virginia location in 1907. Operations continue in that location today.

Life for Homer Laughlin after selling his interest in Homer Laughlin China Company.
Homer moves to Los Angeles

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Annual Homer Laughlin China Tent Sale 2014 June 12-14

Just a reminder. Don’t miss out on the annual Homer laughlin China Tent Sale for 2014.

Homer Laughlin Facebook article:

Come one, come all to our celebrated June Tent Sale and stock up on all of your Fiesta favorites!

Starting Thursday June 12th we will be holding one of our biggest sales of the year featuring an incredible array of our seconds quality Fiesta.

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AFIESTA WARE BANNERThe June Tent Sale will take place June 12-14, 2014 at The Homer Laughlin China Factory Retail Outlet in Newell, WV.

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