Homer Laughlin settles lawsuit over “fake” fiestaware.

FIESTAWARE_FAKE(Morning Journal Article)
In exchange for Homer Laughlin dismissing the lawsuit, the two defendants-the Fayetteville, Ark.-based Hanna’s Candle Co. and The Bazaar Inc., of River Grove, Ill. -have agreed to stop selling what Homer Laughlin characterized as cheap Chinese knockoffs of Fiesta, said Pittsburgh attorney Charles B. Gibbons.

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Target Stores also enjoys making a nice profit out of stocking their shelves with fiestaware “look-a-likes.”
Again, Homer Laughlin China came down on them “like a bug on a rug.”
i.e. Pittsburgh Pirates slang
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These defendants got off about as easy as anyone could imagine. Fiestaware trademark infringement can result in multi-million judgments in normal cases. Do you think these sellers knew they were selling fake fiesta knock-offs?