The new fiestaware color Lapis offered by Homer Laughlin China is coming soon!

LAPIS_BLUE_DISK_PITCHERLAPIS_BLUE_COLLECTION_DISPLAYjpgLAPIS_BLUE_3LAPIS_BLUE_2The new fiestaware pattern Lapis in the blue collection is coming to stores this summer. Some of these images provide a nice display of the slight variations in colors of fiesta over the years. Some say the new fiesta dinnerware pattern is named after the lapid gemstone with “blue skies ahead.”

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  1. Hi, thank you for posting about my article about Fiestaware. I don’t think anyone can ever have enough Fiestaware. Some people just starting their households are buying settings of 8 or 12, but choosing to get separate colors for each place setting. How neat is that? Think of how colorful your table will look, and there are so many colors to choose from!

    How do people feel about Lapis? It’s not too much different that Sapphire, is it? I love Flamingo Pink, I think it’s better than the Rose. So many choices, so little shelf space, sigh.

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