Is the hamburger we see posted above made of all 100% beef..or 100% all chicken and turkey?
Do I have a $6.99 burger…or a $1.19 item? Do I need to pop a four-pack of antacids?

Isn’t it nice to know that our beloved piece of original red fiestaware is real…
and not something we would not love if we knew the truth about it. We like to believe
that our hotdogs at the big game are made of 100% all beef..and not turkey and chicken.
And…I only had to use one double negative to ask the questions.

Well…there are some ways to check to see if everything is what we think it is…
is it genuine fiestaware…or a want-to-be?

I found some good articles which should help you become a fiestaware detective…
and no license is needed. Of course, you don’t have to tell anyone about your
expert knowledge,


  1. Someone asked me about the markings on Fiesta via Email the other day. I had to reply that it was difficult, as the makers are using the same molds, and the stamps and marks written in script are the same too! I was lucky to receive some Flamingo pink mugs for Christmas! I love them. Are they a limited edition? I find that the “new” colors are a little over the top compared to the “old” colors, but Flamingo is great, just a little darker than the original rose. The mugs are a little bigger, and have the larger handles, just like the Chocolate brown ones, and I believe that was a limited edition. My husband and son like the larger handles. I guess I drink more coffee than I used to, because I had the original little 6 oz. cups and saucers when I began buying Fiesta. Now I’m up to 2 mugs in the morning. Soon I’ll need the larger Java Mug!

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