A Fiestaware Tour at Homer Laughlin China.


Here’s a fiestaware video tour I saw on the internet of Homer Laughlin China.
I did not shoot this video…added just a bit of editing and music.

It looks like Macy’s is offering the new fiestaware flamingo color in stores.
They always squeeze and finagle their way into the first batch of the new creations.
Macy’s probably gets 30 million visitors a month on their website. lol.


JUNE 21, 22, 23 2012


  1. The tour is really neat, thanks for showing it! What’s your favorite Fiesta piece? I love the carafe, my seamist one is my favorite. Sometimes you get lucky when people are moving and have to clean out the attics and basements. I’ve found some good pieces at Salvation Army stores too. How do you feel about the newer, square Fiesta? I’m not crazy about it, I guess it’s trendy now, I see it featured on all the home and garden TV shows too. Not only Fiesta, but all kinds of dishware. Take care. Jean

    • One of my favorite fiesta patterns is Juniper which had a production of 1999-2001. Every Miami Dolphin football player has a 5 pc. setting and a 67 ounce disk pitcher.lol.

      My Brother, Bob has had a retail fiestaware store for over 30 years…and my beloved Mother has shared the experience. Believe it or not…the most popular fiesta pattern is usually a shade of red. Today…it’s fiesta Scarlett.

      I always believe that fiestaware LOVE is in the eye of the beholder. This is why we have so many choices from which to choose. Let’s take a look at SQUARE FIESTAWARE.
      Fiesta fans that “like it” on FACEBOOK tend to be very conservative..and from a strict family background.

      Just kidding..and…everyone should treasure any color he/she “LIKES.”

      • I’m surprised the Scarlett is so popular. But I notice people are accenting their rooms with more color now, so red may look nice in a white or otherwise bland kitchen. You know, I thought I had something of all colors, but don’t have a piece of anything in Juniper! I better fix that…..

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