Was Betty Boop ever featured with fiestaware?

Was Betty Boop ever featured with fiestaware? The answer is yes!

This is not the new fiestaware flamingo pattern that’s coming soon

by Homer Laughlin China in West Virginia.

This a Rose fiestaware mini-disk pitcher that holds 4 ounces.

The marketing team first considered Betty Davis..but decided no.lol.

Fiestaware Pattern Chronology 1936-2008

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Fiestaware Tent Sale June 2012

Fiestaware Flamingo Pattern coming soon by Homer Laughlin China.

NEWS:  Fiestaware Tent Sale 2012 at Homer Laughlin China.

June 21, 22, 23   2012

800 Fiesta Drive, Newell, WV 26050

(800) 452-4462

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