“Like” the New Fiestaware Flamingo Color on Facebook!

Did anyone “Like” anything on Facebook today?

Yes…it has come to this. How many “Likes” would the Beatles get today. Five Hundred? Or 50 million?

What does it actually mean to “Like” something? What kind of obligation have we just made? Do we have to “Like”
it for ever…or…can we change our mind? Andy Rooney at CBS made a career out of this.

Here’s what Facebook says:
Clicking “Like” under something you or a friend posts on Facebook is an easy way to let someone know that you enjoy it, without leaving a comment. Just like a comment though, the fact that you liked it is noted beneath the item.

How easy is it to “Unlike” something? Can this be done? Or…are we forever in love because of one click? Keith Morrison from DATELINE would be good at this. Or would he?

Facebook says we can “Unlike”. Man…what a relief! To “Unlike” a piece of content that you or a friend has posted, just click the “Unlike” link that appears beneath the content itself. Thank goodness!

So…the new fiestaware flamingo color is coming soon. We don’t have to “Like” it just yet. Everyone can wait and see.

For anyone that needs stuff now…here’s a deal we found. Our followers don’t have all day to be playing around looking for good prices on fiestaware…but we do because this is our main interest.

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