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The Nate Berkus Show and tips on how to verify vintage fiestaware.
The first place to start when verifying the authenticity of Fiestaware…

Fiestaware on the Nate Berkus TV Show

The story behind the very rare Fiestaware lilac vases.
fiestaware lilac vases</a

Tips on how to store fiestaware.
storing fiestaware

Jean Bakula is truly an expert when it comes to fiestaware. She has more knowledge than ten people.
If you want to know more about fiesta…and its’ valuable history…try out her article. You will be
on your way to becoming an expert.
Check out Jean Bakula’s book at:

Jean Bakula and fiestaware

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  1. Fiestaware adds such a whimsical look if you need a splash of color in your kitchen! And you aren’t limited to the kitchen either. They have great vases and candy dishes. I was unaware that in 1986 when the Fiesta line was started again, there was a very pale yellow. It’s so pretty, just a drop of yellow, about a step or two up from cream. If you watch HGTV (Home and Garden TV) you see many Fiesta items in kitchens that people are trying to “jazz up” a bit!

    • Ooh, that would be neat! I’ve never been in a cartoon before! What does everyone think of the newer bright colors? I don’t like them as much for some reason. I loved Persimmon, it’s toned down orange, but don’t think anyone would want Tangerine. The Lemongrass isn’t much different than chartreuse, but close. I really dislike the Paprika. Maybe the shades are too bright for our times? Yet I loved all the older stuff and it looks great in the kitchen. I think a few need to be toned down. The Peacock blue, for instance. The Evergreen, Chocolate and Ivory look great together, I saw a display in a local store. I’m not sure about the square plates, maybe too trendy for Fiesta?

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