Fiestaware Flamingo Pattern Announced This Week in Chicago

The Fiestaware Flamingo Pattern was announced this week by a representative of Homer Laughlin China as we have learned.

The good news came at the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago. We got
initial wind of this coming down last Saturday, March 10, 2012. It appears this new pattern is not available for sale to the retail consumer as of today.

Here’s the article:

The Homer Laughlin China Co. remains the largest domestic pottery employing over 1100 skilled workers in a 37 acre facility.

With the introduction of Flamingo, Fiesta’s Chocolate color will retire.

The suggested retail price for Flamingo four and five-piece place settings is $50. The color will also be available in a variety of plates, platters, bowls, cups, vases, Fiesta’s signature disc pitcher and serving pieces.

Of course…it’s still early in the program. We’ll continue to have fun in the meanwhile as we await the news.

And in closing…These dishes were so popular that during the 1940s, 3,000 workers produced 30 million pieces a year in an array of colors. I’ll bet my beloved Mother has sold at least 10,000 fiesta dishes.

Fiestaware 20 Pc. Service for 4

May Qualify for Free Shipping
We recommend
Scarlett, Lemongrass, Cobalt, Tangerine, Black

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