When Fiestaware by Homer Laughlin China was $2.50 for a 32 pc. set.

Yes…it’s true. Those were the days. This is a photo of an actual advertisement in the 1930s.

Homer Laughlin China, the maker of fiestaware, began in the late 1880s after receiving a grant of
$5,000 from the city of East Liverpool, Ohio…my birthplace by the way. The company was making
dishes for over 50 years before fiestaware come around.

The designer of fiesta worked at Roseville Pottery near Zanesville, Ohio in the early 1900’s.
Mr. Rhead
They moved across the Ohio River to Newell, West Virginia soon thereafter. I remember seeing some
of the children of the founding fathers at the East Liverpool Country when I was a kid working as a caddy.

This is a nice website featuring some of the beginnings of fiestaware and other lines of pottery made
by Homer Laughlin China.
The Good Old Days of Pottery on the OhioRiver

Website at: http://www.laurelhollowpark.net/hlc.html

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