Don’t Forget to Follow Our Sister at Rebel Dish Barn Fiestaware.

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Don't Forget to Follow Our Sister at Rebel Dish Barn Fiestaware.

Rebel Dish Barn is located outside Gatlinburg,Tennessee in the Smoky Mountains. Its’ history began in 1977 and continues to have one of the largest discontinued Fiestaware Dinnerware selections in the east/south. They are well known to be the ”one of the best retail outlets” for finding discontinued colors and pieces. Their selection is not only in the new patterns but the older post 1986 colors (periwinkle, juniper, rose, gray, and hard to find Lilac/ Sapphire,etc). This is a very nice fiestaware outlet with a lot of fiesta pieces.

Bob has been a fiestaware collector for over 30 years. He has quite a bit of knowledge he can share.
If you need to know something about fiestaware…or if you’re looking for something unique…
don’t hesitate to call Bob. There aren’t too many people that know as much as he does about fiesta.


A Tribute to Fiestaware on the CBS Sunday Morning Show

The Link:
(please forgive us for the ad at the beginning)

CBS Sunday Morning Show takes a look at fiestaware and its’ popularity.

From the view of CBS, a rainbow of color flooded into homes across the
country, when an iconic piece of Americana – Fiesta dinnerware – was born.

It’s been described as “an explosion of color” that makes you happy. It
is, yes, a fiesta!

CBS says:
“In what used to be the pottery capitol of America, Homer Laughlin is the
last big company standing, as countless others have fallen to cheap foreign
imports. For fourth-generation owner Joseph Wells, keeping his factory open
is about honoring a commitment to generations of Fiesta lovers, and to his community.”

An Animated Vintage Fiestaware Cartoon.

This is our first truly animated short cartoon about fiestaware. In this movie, we see John as host of a TV show interviewing Mary Ann, an expert on vintage fiestaware…and how it all began. Hope you like it@
As we await the new fiesta color flamingo…we might as well have some fun.
Look forward to seeing more fiesta cartoons with different themes and characters. If we have the capability
to do it..then we are going to do it. And we are going to be seeing all kinds of animations.
So, we’ll see what some imagination can bring.