Selling Vintage Fiestaware

Online auction sites are great, but make sure to set a selling price. This way, you won’t lose your prized piece to a low bidder. The one drawback to an online auction site is the fact that you will be selling your wares amongst thousands of other people from around the world, so it may be harder to get the price you’re asking for.


Does anyone have any Fiestaware lilac dinnerware?

Fiesta LilacTeapot

Fiestaware in the lilac pattern was made by Homer Laughlin China company
between 1993 and 1995.

Lilac, a deep lavender, was added and it was announced that this color would
have a production time limited to two years.

The Fiestaware lilac teapot pictured above was listed at $159.00.
I saw a Fiesta Black teapot selling for around $45.00 on Amazon.

Retired Fiestaware vs. Discontinued Fiestaware

Often Fiesta collectors may be confused between “retired” and “discontinued” lines.  A color that has been retired is still produced in limited runs, but is planned to be phased out completely.  A color that has been discontinued is one that is no longer being produced. There is a difference of opinion in the definitions. Regardless of the definition….these patterns sometimes are hard to find.

Originally in 1936, Fiestaware was available in five colors, red, ivory, cobalt blue, yellow, and green. The sixth color, turquoise, was added in 1937. In the beginning, all the colors sold for the same price, but in a May of 1937 advertisment, the red items were priced higher.

                                   Fiesta@ All Began


Fiestaware celebrated its’ 75th anniversary in 2011, and manufacturer Homer Laughlin can’t help but look back on those colorful years and millions of pieces of dinnerware.

I know Bob Bentz at Rebel Dish Barn remembers!

Your Love for Fiestaware

Whether you love Fiestaware or whether you’re just looking to invest in something valuable, you’ll want to search for vintage and discontinued items. There are a many pieces that are truly valuable, though many of these items are also hard to find. Even if you don’t find one of the coveted pieces you desire, you will discover that many antique retailers sell all kinds of vintage Fiestaware items.